At Last! A Proven Solution to Your Citrus Tree Problems!

“How to Grow the Best,
Mouth-Watering Citrus Fruit Ever”

Even if you have never grown citrus before….
Even if you are not an avid gardener…Even if you
have a tree that is covered in pests and diseases…

Hello Fellow Citrus Friend,

If you’re sick of trying to work out what is wrong with your citrus tree, tired of trying to find out why it doesn’t produce fruit, or why it has pest or disease problems or why it just looks plain sick, then you are not alone.

Finally there’s a ground-breaking book that helps you identify what is wrong with your citrus tree and tells you how to fix the problems. Growing citrus can be a very enjoyable and rewarding past time, as millions of people around the world know.

You will need to follow a set of well tested guidelines to ensure your citrus trees stay healthy so they produce masses of delicious, juicy, mouth-watering fruit.

You don’t want pests or diseases or soil deficiencies destroying all your hard work.
You want beautiful healthy citrus like these Not covered in insects, diseases or soil deficiencies like these

Let me tell you though, surfing the internet, trying to find answers to all your citrus growing problems and then trying to sort out the facts from the rubbish isn’t easy.

This is my story of how I discovered what to do . . .

I knew my citrus trees were not looking healthy as they had yellowish leaves that were curling, there were small black insects on the stems, large lumps on the branches and the fruit had lots of brownish spots on them.

I went to my local garden center and they recommended some fertilizer and chemical sprays but I wanted an organic solution if possible. I couldn’t see the point of growing my own fruit if I am going to cover them in chemicals.

I trawled the internet for advice and found descriptions of insect pests and diseases but couldn’t find any photographs to confirm my trees’ problems. I tried fertilizing and watering but my trees still didn’t look healthy and I wasn’t getting very many fruit each harvest. I was at my wit’s end!

I spoke to gardening experts, listened to gardening talk back radio citrus problems and solutions, read old citrus books dating back to 1878 and sifted through hundreds of gardening websites.

I Needed to Make This Valuable Knowledge Available to Everyone …

I decided to put it all into a book. A book which is focused totally on citrus.

At last there’s a fully-illustrated step by step guide that gives you a set of well tested guidelines to ensure your citrus trees are healthy and produce masses of fresh juicy fruit.

Grow Citrus: The Insider Secrets to Growing Great Citrus


I’ve worked hard to put together a thorough, clearly explained no-nonsense book for anyone who wants to grow healthy lemon trees, orange trees, lime trees and other citrus trees.

Everything you’ll need to know is explained, such as the citrus varieties that are best for your climate, how to identify and fix your citrus tree problems, planting, fertilising, watering and more.

Thank you so much for your advice on citrus pests and diseases. We were able to identify that the swelling on the branches of our Lisbon lemon tree was caused by citrus gall wasp insects and the fruit had citrus scab. We followed your advice and cut off all the branches with the lumps which meant we had to cut the tree almost to the ground. We thought it would probably die but were thrilled when it grew back with healthy glossy green leaves and no lumps. I will definitely be recommending your book to my family and friends.
Jose Mattos

I’ve put my years of experience and research into “Grow Citrus” and I’m happy to say it is now available for purchase and IMMEDIATE download.

Whether you are a beginner — or an expert gardener, this eBook will be an invaluable resource for you to refer back to time and time again. It comes with over 90 pages of information and over 100 full color photos that help you diagnose and solve problems with your citrus tree. It explains exactly what you need to do to grow healthy citrus trees.

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All the Tips and Tricks used by The Big Citrus Growers Are in This Book

If you’re wondering about the value of the information I’ve provided, please read these unsolicited, kind compliments I received from a Citrus Grower who purchased my eBook.

“Grow Citrus” is one of the very best books on the subject of citrus trees that I have ever read, and I must add, that I think that I have read them all. I have been growing lemon trees for a number of years and living in a cooler climate in Australia can make growing citrus very challenging so every bit of advice is welcome and your book certainly gave that to me.
Chris Chaplain

And here is another testimony from someone who has written to thank me for the valuable information in my eBook:

I have been growing a lemon tree and lime tree in a sub-tropical climate and found they had black mould fungus on the stems and leaves and lots of ants crawling around. I was so interested to learn that it was insects that produced a honeydew substance on which this sooty mould grows and if I got rid of these insects the mould would stop. I followed your instructions and now have a mould-free healthy tree. Thanks so much.
Lisa Ginny

You will be amazed at how simple it is to grow healthy citrus in no time at all….. even if you’re not a “master gardener”.

Why should you take my advice?

There are lots of people giving you advice about citrus. They often make citrus care seem far more complicated than it actually is. Well this is why you should take my advice…

I’ve listened to many fellow citrus growers and I know what works and what doesn’t.
I have read nearly all of the available literature on the subject of citrus.
I have been offering advice to beginners and experienced growers so I know the types of questions people want answering.
I’m obsessed with citrus! I need to share my experience with you.

So let me tell you a little more about…

Grow Citrus: The Insider Secrets to Growing Great Citrus

It is a book totally focussed on growing citrus – lemons, oranges, mandarins, limes, grapefruit and more…

I set up a survey site to get gardeners’ citrus problems, tips and advice and received an incredible number of responses from all around the world. I spoke with friends and neighbors who grew citrus trees to find out what they wanted to know and made sure that the book included all the answers they needed.

So now my book is a huge 94 pages long. It is virtually a “Bible” of citrus growing tips. A book filled with an enormous level of detail and photos on every aspect of selecting, planting and growing healthy citrus trees as well as identifying common pests and diseases from around the globe.

This book provides all the answers for citrus lovers in every country – no matter whether your trees are planted in containers or the open garden, your climate or problems you have come across.

Take a Look
Click here or on the image above right to see an extract from the book on Pests and Diseases.

“Grow Citrus: The Insider Secrets to Growing Great Citrus”
with all the answers
and over one hundred photos

This book provides lots of advice and tips on how to grow citrus which you can use to help you substantially increase your tree’s health and yield. Not only that – you will know your citrus fruit has not been covered in chemicals and you will have abundant fruit ready to use when you need them regardless of whether you have been shopping.

“Here’s Just a Small Portion of What You’ll Discover in “Grow Citrus”:

Find out which citrus varieties are the best in your climate from warm, tropical climates to cooler climates. There are many cold-hardy varieties that may be grown in containers, conservatories and the open garden. An enormous 41 varieties of citrus are covered (pps 19 – 43)
Discover the 8 Key Steps to growing citrus successfully (pp 18)
Identify your tree’s problems with a comprehensive listing of pests and diseases – a whopping 34 pages of information with high quality photographs and solutions to fix the problems (pps 68 – 96)
Discover the secrets of selecting and preparing the site to give your trees the best possible start in life (pps 44 – 50)
Discover a Radical Tree Root Preparation Method that has been used by the big commercial growers for some years and will make a huge difference to the survival of your young tree (pp 53)
Learn about which rootstocks are best as the correct choice of rootstock will often make the difference between success and failure. A comparison table of 9 different rootstocks and their description is vital information (pps 40 – 43)
If you have limited space or a cooler climate, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about growing citrus in containers (pps 48 – 50)
Find out the essential tips of watering – correct watering is vital to citrus success. These tips will have a huge impact on your trees and give you a fantastic harvest! (pps 56 – 62)
Discover the secrets to fertilizing – what to include in the soil and the timing at different growth stages. (Hint – did you know that the color of the leaves shows what your soil needs!). These secrets alone are worth the cost of the book (pps 55 – 60)

This fantastic book is an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to grow great citrus trees. Buy it now to ensure you have the best harvest of citrus ever. Be the envy of your friends and neighbours!

How much is this worth?

Important Information
I want you to be 100% satisfied with what you will get by purchasing this book so I am offering the following important facts.
The ebook is in PDF format and contains a table of contents to make it easy for you to navigate through all the chapters. You can print the ebook and use it immediately.
If for any reason you are not satisfied and you want your money back, it’s done immediately, no questions asked, even up to 8 weeks after your purchase. This is automatically handled through our third party merchant, Clickbank, who will confirm the refund with you.

To show you that I stand behind everything I say, I’m prepared to offer you a lot more value than you’ll find anywhere else.

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Bonus 1:
Quick Guide to Common Citrus Problems

The Quick Guide to Common Citrus Problems features photos of common pests and diseases, making it easy for you to quickly identify any problems and to take quick corrective action. You will want to keep this on hand to refer to again and again.


Bonus 2:
Common Citrus Questions and Answers

The most common gardening problems of all tend to revolve around citrus. One of the difficulties of growing citrus is that there are many insect or animal pests, various diseases affecting the plant, stem, leaves or fruit, and disorders such as split fruit skins and nutritional deficiencies shown when a mineral deficiency is present in the soil.

This guide is devoted to answering the most pressing citrus questions gardeners ask the experts.


Bonus 3:
Organic Gardening for Beginners Guide

Organic Gardening for Beginners is a comprehensive 33 page ebook jam packed with everything you need to know to garden without the use of chemicals or other harmful substances. It explains not only get started with your organic garden, but how to keep that garden thriving for years! It also includes a very valuable guide to the most common garden pests and the way to get them out of your garden – all without chemicals!


Bonus 4:
How to Grow Great Roses

How To Grow Great Roses contains 34 pages and all the information you need to add life to your yard with all types of roses. This expert guide will show you how to grow gorgeous, healthy roses and what you will need to do to properly maintain and protect your beloved flowers. Complement your citrus trees with your favourite beautiful, scented roses.


Total Value


Purchase this ebook (you download instantly onto your computer and print) and receive $80.35 worth of FREE bonuses.

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We guarantee that if you are not absolutely delighted with the amount of valuable information contained in Grow Citrus, I’ll cheerfully refund your money within 60 days no questions asked.

Grow Citrus
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I hope you are soon enjoying the best citrus harvest you’ve ever had!

Best wishes

Nola Griffin


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