Which Variety of Citrus Tree to Grow

Citrus fruit varieties - lemons, oranges, limes, mandarins, grapefruit, leavesChoosing the variety of citrus tree to grow is important. It will depend upon your usage, location, climate and growing conditions. Citrus tree varieties can be selected with different seasons of maturity to provide fruit over the entire year.

Citrus fruits are classified into different groups according to their characteristics and use. Sweet oranges and grapefruits are consumed as juice or eaten in some form practically every day by many people. Specialty fruits such as tangerines are excellent for desserts. Acid fruits such as lemons and limes are used as thirst-quenching drinks, garnishes and ingredients for delicious cakes and pies. For landscaping, citrus trees make excellent specimen trees and if your backyard is large enough, several varieties of each citrus type may be selected.

Several citrus tree hybrids have been developed that will cope with much lower temperatures than commercial varieties such as oranges and lemons. Global warming will have an effect upon how we garden in the future. Those living in colder climates will benefit from warmer conditions and will be able to grow plants that were previously considered to be too tender.

Choosing rootstock to suit the citrus variety and growing conditions is very important. Rough lemon is frost-sensitive, Sweet orange is moderately frost-susceptible, while Trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliate) is very cold-hardy.
For more detailed information on the best citrus tree varieties to grow in cool climates and in warm climates refer to Grow Citrus: The Insiders Secrets to Growing Great Citrus

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